The Green Building Seminar!

This year, the Green Building Seminar and Round-table took place at the University for Peace in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica.  A good portion of the Conference tackled Climate Change, which included a variety of lectures, panel discussions and workshops.  Among the assistants were students, policymakers, academics and members of business and NGO community.

Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte, HonRICS CRE, International Real Estate Business Schoo began the conference as well as set the pace of the event. The Round-table was hosted by Mr Sven Schulte, a UPeace graduate student himself.With the aid of many university, NGO and business experts, the whole event moved at a smooth pace. Tropisphere’s very own Geoff McCabe was a key note speaker there!

Highlight points discussed in the frame of the Green Building Round-table were:

– Sustainability in a tropical environment, does it need to be adapted?

– LEED in Western countries, and in high profile developments like condominiums and hotels.

– Green Buildings, affordable?

– Problems with inspections, laws and enforcement

– The role of Costa Rica’s seismic and topographic environment as a foundation for green buildings
– Concerning commercial real estate: Is it a true vehicle for exercising Corporate Social Responsibility or just a mirage for “greenwashing” (to pretend to be green but not really practicing it).
– Costa Rica’s role as a biological corridor, and how this needs to be implemented and considered in green building projects

The subjects treated in the Workshops were:

* Climate Change Adaptation Through Sustainable Livelihoods Protection
* Carbon Neutrality as a Tool Towards Climate Change Mitigation
* Climate Change and You: Reflection and Action
* Climate Change and Economics

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