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Eco Bloque Construction for Costa Rica

Eco Bloques in Costa Rica for green building construction

Wayne E Bird took the time to answer a few questions for about his amazing eco-bloques, which are a long-awaited addition to the green building materials in Costa Rica. With this technology, builders nationwide will be able to build concrete-block style construction for cheaper as well as much more ecologically. The eco-bloques are made mostly from the dirt found onsite, using a machine imported by Mr Bird that uses high pressure to create them.

How did you get started with the Eco Bloques project and what was your motivation?

I was actually introduced to these products by a con man from the US. Long story but he professed to have exclusive rights to Costa Rica for Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB’s). He did not.

I knew this was a perfect product for Costa Rica and all of Latin America. Since then I have been on a mission to get these products approved for use in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica is Pura Verde

Pura Verde means “Pure Green.” Welcome to Costa Rica, a world leader in progressive thinking about the environment and social issues. One of few countries without an army, our last president was also a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and put the country on track to become the world first “carbon neutral” country. Costa Rica is one of the few countries that is gaining more forest than losing. Costa Rica is proving that being green pays – creating jobs and improving life. Democracy here means more than just voting at the ballot box. Every time you spend money, you vote for the type of world you want to live in. So vote with your dollars by supporting companies and individuals that engage in sustainable and ethical business practices. is dedicated to helping you make good choices by providing a list of everyone in Costa Rica who is working towards our goals of peace and sustainability.