Greenbuilding Products

Here we provide a list of stores, manufacturers, and suppliers of greenbuilding materials.

Costa Rica Green Building Materials

Agua SolutionsLiberia, Guanacaste – Rainwater Catchment Systems and Wind Power – 2665-6161
Bambu TicoCentral Valley – Bamboo materials of all kinds for construction, plus design and consultation.
B-GreenArenal – Green Roofing Systems, Etc
CostaBamboo.comPerez Zeledon / San Isidro – LEED certified fencing, deck material, plywood, etc made from Bamboo
Durman EsquivelCentral Valley – Although not shown on the website, I’ve been told that Durman Esquivel has eco-friendly black and/or greywater treatment systems for single family homes.
Eco BloquesCentral Valley – An eco-friendly alternative to cement blocks and pavers, made on-site with dirt and cement using high compression. Check the website for more details. Available for use nationwide. Visit their test project in Samara. Phone 8707-4914 or 8377-4677
Eco DepotCentral Valley
Guadua BambooCentral Valley – Bamboo Furniture and Construction, including bars, houses, etc.
Maderas Cultivas de Costa RicaCentral Valley – Treated, farmed wood. 2477-7800/2477-7262
Madera PlasticaCentral Valley – Wood beam and board replacement made from recycled plastic. Ideal for outdoor use.
Manos MagicasCentral Valley – Chemical Free Stucco Manufacturing with a huge variety of colors.
SolatubeEscazu – Solar light tubes for bringing natural lighting into your house. 2228-2802
Swiss ImportCentral Valley – Bamboo Flooring.
Tecni TejasCentral Valley – Plastic Roofing, made from 100% recycled material. Custom Colors available. 2293-8072/73

Costa Rica Green Sewage Treatment Providers

Eloy SepticNationwide – High quality three-tank septic systems. Several are in use in the Malpais area hotels with happy owners. – (+506) 8889 8732
Pacific SepticNationwide – Septic Treatment, dosing, with green options for home and business – 8705-5003
Tanque DiezNationwide – Septic Treatment for home and business – 2294-8131 –