Green Builders

An eco-construction in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Green and sustainable building practices are rapidly growing in popularity in Costa Rica as more technology, suppliers, materials, and developments become available. In the U.S., green building is the fastest growing segment of the construction market, and many leading companies have announced plans to “green” their corporate offices. Studies have shown that people living and working in green buildings lead happier and more productive lives.

New to green building? Take a tour of a tropical eco house design at here: tropical eco-house example.

RicobauMontezuma/Malpais/Tambor – Enrico Reolon specializes in ultra-modern house design and construction.
Super Steve JurriesOsa Peninsula – Bamboo and Natural Building Materials – 8390-1002
Container Homes in Costa RicaNationwide – A new innovation in Costa Rica – use recycled shipping containers to make a strong, inexpensive home.

Green Landscaping and Xeriscaping

The New Dawn CenterCentral Valley? – Ed Bernhardt’s website for eco-gardening, xeriscaping, seed sharing, and information on healthy gardening.
Raingsong ViveroSouthern Nicoya Peninsula – Cabuya’s inexpensive plant resource and expertise on biodynamic and biointensive gardening. All fruit trees, plus rare and endangered hardwood seedlings for 500 colones each.

Green Learning Centers / Permaculture

Costa Rica’s International Center for SustainabilityMontezuma/Malpais – Amazing 50 Ha Permaculture learning center under development in Montezuma, Costa Rica.
Rancho MastatalCentral Pacific – “Promotes Sustainable Living in every way.”