Green Architecture

A green building in Costa Rica

Hiring an architect who considers himself or herself a “green” architect is very important if you’re interested in sustainable, toxin-free, low-carbon footprint, or other styles of greenbuilding. A home can be built “green” with many materials – wood, bamboo, concrete, steel and glass, or earth. The most important green features will be site dependent… proper use of shade, airflow, and natural lighting, and these can be done with any material. So finding an architect with the green ideals in his or her heart is very important. A green architect will also be able to advise you on where to find materials that are the most eco-friendly.

Arquitec S.A.Central Valley – Jose Andres Castro Ruiz, green architect, specializing in utilizing classic techniques such as natural cooling and other “low tech” solutions based upon excellent site-specific design choices. Phone 8848-2805 / 2289-4253
Bruno Stagno ArquitectoCentral Valley – One of Costa Rica’s leading green architects.
Instituto de Arquitectura TropicalCentral Valley – Bruno Stagno’s Architectural Institute for Tropical Green Building.
Luz de PiedraCentral Valley – Pietro Stagno, Arquitecto – 2256-5638
Joaquin SalazarCentral Valley – Costa Rican architect – designed the most eco-friendly house in the Malpais/Santa Teresa area.
Rolf RugeCentral Valley – Green Architect – 8830-8779
T2 StudioCentral Valley – Green Architectural Firm – 2289-5342
Thomas RuckMalpais/Montezuma/Tambor – Architect and Builder – Email:
3G-GreenNosara Nosara based architect Olivier von der Weld, focussed on green building.
Victor CañasCentral Valley Award-winning green architect in Costa Rica