Healthy Restaurants

Vegetarian food in Costa Rica

People in most countries of the world continue to get fatter and unhealthier every year due to an increased consumption of processed junk foods. Yet, more scientific knowledge and human effort is being put into promoting healthier foods than ever before. The organic food market is the fastest growing segment of the food industry in the United States. Support your local vegetarian restaurants, organic markets, and health food stores – they’re working hard to improve your quality of life.

Healthy and Vegetarian Restaurants

AnamayaSouthern Nicoya Peninsula – Yoga retreat and boutique hotel with organic food. The chef also does raw, vegan, and vegetarian cooking, with a special focus on “superfoods”. Located in the Montezuma/Malpais area.
Cafe GokulSan Jose – 100% Hindi vegetarian food from India. Open 9am-8pm. Call 8380-2042
Comida para SentirSan Jose / San Pedro – Tropical vegetarian cuisine. Call 2224-1163
Cafe OrganicoSouthern Nicoya Peninsula – Mostly vegan, all organic, this amazing restaurant in Montezuma, Costa Rica is run by Ozlem from Turkey.
PranaSan Jose / San Pedro – Gourmet vegetarian food, prepared with organic and hydroponically grown ingredients. 9am-6pm. Call 2524-1843